10 Star Trek collectibles from Toy Fair you'll want to beam home

QMZ Q-Pop Figures

A brand new line of designer figures the Trekkies Q-Pop figures which are 4.5 inches tall, made of PVC, and feature word bubbles above the characters in which you write your own messages. The line launches with Kirk, Spock and Uhura. The line will expand with Bones and Scotty. (Available late 2013 for $19.95 each) 

It’s a wrap for the 110th annual Toy Fair, but we couldn’t close out our Blastr coverage without honoring another one of the sci-fi titans of the show –- Star Trek

With of the release of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek into Darkness this May, the franchise is still extremely hardy by merchandising standards. On the show floor there were Trek-related figures, ships, glasses, bobbles and even perfume. Not bad for a franchise that debuted 47 years ago.

So while your shelves and closets may already be loaded with Star Trek chotchkies, once you see these new items rolling out in 2013, we’re sure you’ll find just a little more space to accommodate a few.

(Photos by Bill Edwards)