Watch as Stan Lee hilariously rewrites Star Wars + Inception endings

Stan Lee might be in his early 90s, but the comic-book god isn’t slowing down yet. Now he’s inserted himself into everything from Star Wars to Inception, with hilarious results. 

Lee has been running a Stan’s Rants YouTube channel for a while now, where he tackles everything from women’s rights to the ending of Prometheus. For his latest episode, he’s teamed up with the animators at How It Should Have Ended.

Much like the How It Should Have Ended series of popular animated shorts, Lee’s twist on the jokes are fresh and pretty hilarious. The closing gag is easily the best, where Lee comes up with the perfect plan to take care of George Lucas’ Star Wars prequel trilogy. Let’s get this man a time machine, stat.


What’d you think of Stan’s endings? Better than the originals?

(Via YouTube)

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