Aliens action figures + 12 more Toy Fair movie collectibles

Another Toy Fair has wrapped, and as usual the exhibition space often looked like a huge, theatrical coming attractions event, with toy and collectible companies teasing their movie tie-in products. In a lot of cases, the toys and collectibles provided the first look at characters, set pieces and costuming for movies coming in 2013.

Because of so much secrecy surrounding certain titles or approvals pending, companies often just put out title cards associating them with the license, like Cryptozoic for Ender’s Game, while others, like Jazwares, had a black curtain surrounding their World War Z figures (you had to be a retailer to get a peep in there). 

However, we still collected plenty of details on a host of other movie tie-in goodies -– some classic and some for upcoming titles -– to get your movie-loving heart pumping. Dim the lights!

(Photos by Bill Edwards)

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