Iron Patriot's ready for war in new Iron Man 3 poster

In the first Iron Man 3 poster, we saw Tony (Robert Downey, Jr.) falling apart. Now Rhodey (Don Cheadle) is here to pick up the pieces. Marvel Studios has released a one sheet that reveals the character in his Iron Patriot armor. We caught a quick glimpse of it in the trailers, but here's the suit in all its glory.

In Iron Man 2, Tony and Rhodey began an uneasy partnership. Was there room for both Iron Man and War Machine? After Tony's collaboration with The Avengers, we assume he and Rhodey will be on better terms. It's no secret that Iron Man 3 will put the hero between a rock and a hard place.

Tony will face his greatest enemy in The Mandarin, while being plagued by his own personal problems. Thank goodness Rhodey will be around to lighten the load. Judging from this poster, he's ready for an all out war.

Iron Man 3 opens in theaters May 3.

(via ScreenCrush)

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