Get a closer look at the cast of Syfy's Defiance in 7 new pics

The premiere of Syfy's ambitious new series Defiance is just a few months away, and that means it's time to get to know the characters that will populate this much-anticipated show.

Set in the near future in the aftermath of a humans-vs.-aliens war that radically altered Earth, Defiance will follow the interconnected lives of humans and Votans (a collective name for seven different alien races) in Defiance, a city that stands where St. Louis, Mo., once stood. Featuring an impressive ensemble cast and lots of big ideas, the show's scope is also broadened by the addition of a videogame tie-in that takes place within the same continuity, though it's set in San Francisco, Calif. 

Today, thanks to Syfy and IGN, we've got a very big look at the faces -- both human and alien -- that will populate the show. We've picked some of our favorite images of the Defiance cast and showcased them below. To see the rest, head over to IGN.

Here's the trailer:

Defiance premieres Monday, April 15, at 9 p.m./8 p.m. central on Syfy.

(Via IGN)

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