10 Star Wars characters who should get their own spinoff movie

Now that we've got confirmation that Disney's definitely working on Star Wars spinoff flicks, it's time to build our dream list of characters who deserve their own standalone movies.

So far, rumors of which characters could star in these spinoff flicks have focused largely on major characters. Of course, with all the comics, TV shows, books and action figures that have been released over the last three and and a half decades, the Star Wars universe has taken on a life of its own. There are dozens, even hundreds of characters who've never seen the silver screen, but many of them are just as fascinating as Yoda or Han Solo. So, with that in mind, we started thinking about which characters from the entire Star Wars universe (novels, toys and all) most deserved their own spinoff, and these were the names that came to mind. Take a look at our picks, and let us know in the comments which Star Wars characters you'd most like to see helming their own flicks.

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