The Rock knocks out an alien in oddly awesome Super Bowl spot

Yes, he will save the world, but not before he gets his hands on some milk.

We're two days away from Super Bowl Sunday, the one day of the year where many TV viewers are more excited about the commercials than the actual programming (sorry, football fans), and some companies are unleashing their Super Sunday ads a few days early. Among them is America's Milk Processors, famous for the "Got Milk?" ads that have been going on since time immemorial. This year the ad's star is none other than wrestler-turned-action-hero Dwayne "He'll Always Be the Rock to Us" Johnson, and he's on a mission to save breakfast.

The ad begins with Johnson's discovery that he's out of milk, and progresses through a series of disasters that he apologetically dodges as he chases down a milk truck. Then, when he's finally got his morning glass of cow juice, the aliens show up.

Check out the ad below. What do you think? Will it end up one of the highlights of the Super Bowl commercial gauntlet this year?

(Via Cosmic Book News)

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