See the new sci-fi web series that reunites the Stargate Atlantis cast

State Of Syn - Episode One

Have you been missing the old Stargate Atlantis gang? Good news! Some of the cast are back together for an intriguing new sci-fi web series.

Dubbed State of Syn, the future-set web short project follows a “synthetic” with the ability to hack technology. The story follows Jewel Staite (Dr. Jennifer Keller on Atlantis) through a web of  stylized action and political intrigue.

In addition to Staite, the cast is rounded out by none other than David Hewlett (Atlantis’ Rodney McKay) and Rainbow Francks (Atlantis’ Aiden Ford). But that’s not all. The opening narration is provided by Atlantis alum Torri Higginson (aka former expedition leader Elizabeth Weir).

The first two episodes are live now (check out the opener above), and the series has a very unique, almost comic-book-styled look to it. The visuals take a bit of getting used to, but once you figure it out, it’s a fun little ride.

The producers are planning a total of 10 five-minute episodes, so there should be a lot more where this came from. Plus, c’mon, who isn’t happy to see the Atlantis crew back together?

(Via Gateworld)

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