14 insanely expensive holiday gifts for super-rich sci-fi fans

The holiday season is upon us, but not all gifts are created equal. So what would we like to see under the tree if money weren’t an issue?

It’s sad but true: A lot of us (heck, most of us) aren’t rich. Really, not even that close. But it’s fun to dream. So what awesome gifts would we like to get (or give) if we didn’t have to worry about paying for it?

Not surprisingly, a lot of cool stuff. From first editions of sci-fi classics to becoming an astronaut — there are a lot of awesome things the rich can do (and buy) to keep busy. 

So here’s what we’d encourage any super-rich sci-fi fans to invest in if they have the time. C'mon, eccentric billionaire — make our dreams come true.

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    A real, life-size robot: $15,999

    No sci-fi fans collection is complete without a real-life robot, and this adorable little guy from Aldebaran Robotics definitely fits the bill. This ‘bot is a popular option for educational groups, and he can be programmed to do all kinds of cool stuff.

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    A (life-size) Battlestar Galactica Cylon: $7,999

    We also have a Dalek on this list, so if you have the money for the greatest battle in sci-fi history, you might as well pick up a Cylon, too. This life-size model is absolutely terrifying, and serves as a start reminder that we’re totally screwed when the machines take over.

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    A Dalek from Doctor Who: $4,700

    An official replica of the deadliest alien race in the universe can be yours for just $4,700. The only problem? He’ll probably exterminate you before you can set this bad boy up in your rec room.

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    The Dark Knight's Tumbler Batmobile: $1.6 million

    Hell. Yes. One of the coolest things about Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was his epic reimagining of the Batmobile. He turned a suave (and sometimes overgrown) sports car into an ass-kicking ATV that could bulldoze through a wall and keep on ticking. So, before you launch your campaign to take back the city of your choice, pick up your own Tumbler for a cool $1.6 million so you’ll look the part.

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    Master Series Replica of 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver: $3,995

    The Doctor takes his sonic screwdriver very seriously, and hardcore Doctor Who fans do the same. So, what’s the perfect gift for a deep-pocketed Who fan? This hyper-detailed replica of the Eleventh Doctor’s favorite device, which you can (probably) use to open anything (except a wooden door).

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    Star Trek: The Next Generation Enterprise D replica: $9,995

    For Trek fans, the iconic Enterprise is definitely not created equal. The look, style and model varies from show to show — and none are arguably as iconic as the Next Generation model Enterprise D. So, honor your Trek brethren with this extremely hyper-detailed replica.

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    Full-size Iron Throne replica: $30,000

    Everyone can put a recliner in their living room, but you know what’s a lot cooler? A full-size, officially sanctioned replica of Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne. It’ll set you back a cool $30,000, but that’s a small price to pay to rule your own version of Westeros.

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    Han Solo’s actual, screen-used blaster gun from Star Wars: $200,000

    George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise is on the verge of a resurgence with J.J. Abrams’ sequel on the way. To that end, some nifty original trilogy goodies are finally popping up for public consumption. One of the most expensive includes Harrison Ford’s screen-used blaster from the original trilogy, which is one of the most iconic weapons in sci-fi history.

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    First edition set of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy: $50,000

    Sure, everyone is focused on The Hobbit these days, but the Lord of the Rings trilogy is the real meat and potatoes of J.R.R. Tolkien’s catalog. So, if you have money to burn, buy your book-loving friend this first edition set.

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    Leonard Nimoy's screen-worn Star Trek Spock ears: $21,999

    Sure, this one is a little weird — but you know there are some Trek fans out there just dying to put on Nimoy’s real, legit Vulcan ears.

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    A working jetpack: $250,000

    Yeah, that’s right. A jetpack. We’ve been waiting for these things to become practical modes of transportation for decades, and we’re still waiting. But, some companies are still pushing forward with jetpack tech. If you have to get your fly-on, you could do far worse than this Martin Jetpack model.

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    Serenity: The Big Damn Replica: $3,495

    Browncoats are a hardcore bunch, and there’s no better way to show your fan cred than with the biggest, most detailed replica ever made of Joss Whedon’s most famous space ship?

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    A (life-size) Stargate: $100,000

    You’d have to keep an eye on eBay to find one, but used life-size Stargates do pop up on eBay from time to time. The bad news? It’ll cost you about $100,000 on average, and it’ll probably not take you to other planets. But, if it did, they’d all probably still look like Vancouver…

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    Star Wars 1983 Arcade Cabinet: $6,900

    Sure, a massive, vintage arcade cabinet isn’t extremely practical. But, if you can afford $6,900 for this classic piece of gaming lore, then you probably have the space to store it. Right?

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    A trip into space with Virgin Galactic: $250,000

    The true standard-bearer for the best sci-fi gift ever. Things are great, but there is nothing that compares to the experience of literally flying into space. Lucky for your millionaire friends, Virgin Galactic is now offering space flights for the general public. Yeah, I’ll take this one.

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