Awesome video explains why 2012's superhero flicks were way cooler than 2013’s

How to make a superhero movie in 10 easy steps

Though we had some awesome superhero flicks this year, the 2012 crop — led by The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises — is hard to beat. Turns out there’s a reason last year’s movies were so good.

This awesome supercut breaks down the 10-step plan that most of last year’s blockbuster comic movies followed to box-office glory. No, it’s not Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey.” But good guess.

It turns out this formula is a lot more random. From stabbing people to weird plot contrivances, it’s all here. But hey, it works. Not surprisingly, this clip breaks it all down in the snarkiest way possible, but it’s all in good form. It's also a nice deconstruction of all the threads that seem to run through these flicks nowadays.

Check out the clip above and let us know which step was your favorite.

(Via /Film)

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