Doctor Who meets Sherlock in one of the most impressive fan vids we've ever seen

Doctor Who and Sherlock fans are the most meticulously creative fans out there. And here's the proof! 

Steven Moffat is the show runner for both Doctor Who and Sherlock. Unsurprisingly, fans have a bit of a tendency (they talk about it all the time, basically) to imagine what might happen should the two title characters ever meet. There's even a term for it -- Wholock.

And while there has been many a fan video generated to expound upon the Doctor Who/Sherlock hypothetical gambit, we feel that they all live in the shadow of the following video, which caused our jaws to do a crossover with the floor.

You may recall this video producer as the one responsible for that fake "Day of the Doctor" trailer that had everyone fooled. On this occasion, you can see the man pulling the strings a little more clearly, but it's still very impressive work.

Of course, the only downside is it makes us long for the real thing more than ever!

(via Cult Box)

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