15 fun Star Trek gifts to beam down for your friends this holiday

Another holiday season, another journey to the United Federation of Planets -- for presents!

So you've still got gifts to buy, and many of your friends and family members have a Trek obsession. Not to worry. We've gathered together 15 possibilities to make sure you're covered. From uniforms to Blu-rays, from prop replicas to actual official props -- we've got it all!

Take a look and find the gift that's right for your Trek fan. And then buy something for yourself maybe? No judgment.

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    Star Trek Jam Band by Jess Fink $199.99-$31.20

    When you go to convention after convention, you will invariably see fan doodlings of every sci-fi franchise, no matter how obscure or overblown. And there's scads of Next Gen stuff out there, but rarely is there a piece of art that is as stylistically cool and aware of the show's musical details as Jess Fink's little work, Star Trek Jam Band. It was the only thing I bought at Connecticon last year, and it deserves a place on any TNG fan's wall. Price ain't bad either.

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    Star Trek Transporter Room Bath Mat & Shower Curtain Set - $49.99

    Imagine you're in your shower, lathering up, when, suddenly, you're transported to the USS Enterprise! Okay, maybe that's an inopportune time to find yourself in front of a gaggle of Starfleet officers, but this curtain and bath mat set will still have you imagining yourself going to warp and fighting Gorn every time you're getting clean. And there's nothing wrong with that.

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    Starfleet Academy Class Ring Replica - $23.96

    For the Trek geek who's a fan of the subtle. Here's an academy ring they can take with them everywhere and only their fellow classmates will even notice.

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    Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise D Pizza Cutter - $29.99

    Do you think when Andrew Probert drew up the initial designs for the Enterprise D that he considered its potential ability to slice up a giant, space pizza? He may as well have. The sleek design of its saucer section, the comfortable grip of the stardrive -- why it's perfect for slicing pizza! If you're a huge geek, that is. And, let's be honest, aren't we all?

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    Star Trek: Electronic Klingon Bird of Prey Ship - $52.69

    For the Klingon lovers out there. Genuinely, the design for the Klingon ships are maybe some of the best the Trek franchise has ever had. They are as elegant looking as they are deadly. And nw you can proudly display one on your book case so people know not to mess with you -- or your books!

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    Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Hoodie - $59.99

    The TNG uniform design is a good one, but, on its own, it's not exactly ready-to-wear... until now that is. And considering how cold it is during the holidays, these hoodies have turned up just in time. In addition to being a nice take on the classic design, they'll also keep you warm.

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    Eau My 1.7-oz Cologne Spray $39.99

    That's right -- George Takei made a cologne and called it 'Eau My'. What does it smell like? Who cares! George Takei made it! And now you can buy it for your friend who loves Trek more than they should and you can both laugh, because George Takei is a completely ridiculous and wonderful human being.

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    Electronic Tribble - $19.96

    Every Trek fan requires at least one Tribble. The only trouble is, they're born pregnant. But, hopefully, this electronic one won't have that problems. Robots don't procreate yet so far as we know. Comes with "Sound & Touch Activated Vibration" and "'Agitated' & 'Coo' Sound Effects". Adorable and only slightly disturbing!

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    Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season Three Blu-ray - $69.96

    Consider this applicable for Seasons four and five as well. The vlu-ray updates to TNG are absolutely stellar. Gone is the washed out look and, in its place, deep blacks, vibrant reds, and a real look at the practical effects that made the show look so good back when it originally aired. It's sort of like seeing the show all over again. Plus? Troi and Crusher in those ridiculous exercise uniforms are even funnier in glorious high definition.

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    Star Trek Into Darkness Starfleet Phaser Limited Edition Gift Set - $79.99

    Sure, some people declared Into Darkness the worst Trek film of all time, but there's a much larger number of people who, ya know, actually liked it a lot. And for those fans, this is about as good as it gets. You get a sweet phaser replica and both the regular and 3D blu-ray versions of the film. So for those people for whom Cumberbatch's Khan worked, this edition is a perfect gift.

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    Star Trek: The Next Generation / Docitor Who: Assimilation 2: The Complete Series - $25.24

    The entire adventure of Star Trek & Doctor Who vs. The Borg & the Cybermen has finally been collected in one hard cover edition. And it deserves that because Woodward's painterly art style is truly gorgeous. Plus, the story's a fun little ride, too. Perfect for all your friends who were bummed when the Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover that was rumored to happen back when Enterprise was still on the air never happened.

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    Star Trek III: The Search for Spock / Klingon Disruptor Rifle - $4,999.99

    Alright, big spender. Consider this our big ticket item for the folks in the crowd who've got banks full of gold-pressed latinum. You're best friend loves Trek? Why not give him a part of its history? This is a Klingon disruptor from Search for Spock aka "the good odd-numbered one". It's in solid shape and will serve as a constant reminder of that time Kirk's kid got killed.

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    TNG Ressikan Flute Prop Replica - $239.96

    The Inner Light is often considered to be the best episode TNG ever produced. It served as Picard's chance to experience the life he never thought he'd have, to be a family man, to love one place at one time, and die trying to save it. And if there's one piece of iconography from that episode, it's Picard's flute. So it's a pretty great gift, especially for your buddy who muses over the big questions.

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    Star Trek Catan Board Game - $49.50

    Settlers of Catan is one of the best board games ever made. Star Trek is one of the best shows ever made. Together, they make one of the best spin-off games ever made. And in case the quality of it is called into question, you can watch Wesley Crusher face off against 7 of 9 playing it right here.

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    United Federation of Planets Flag - $39.96

    For your friend who wants to show up their neighbor with the American flag out front. Sure, they might have a united collection of states, but the Federation connects whole planets. Top that, any nation on Earth!

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