Casting call reveals that Ant-Man movie is gonna be (really, really) funny

We’ve been hearing for years that Edgar Wright’s take on Ant-Man is a different beast than the rest of the Marvel universe — and we’re finally starting to figure out why. The big reason? It’s apparently going to be really, really funny.

As if the fact that Paul Rudd is rumored for the title role wasn’t enough, a new casting breakdown is looking for six new characters. What stands out about virtually all the descriptions? They all need to have some comedy chops. From “deadpan” to “edgy,” they'd all better be “funny.”

The casting breakdown is looking for five males with ages ranging from 20s to 50s, plus an adolescent girl. Who are these characters? It’s too vague to make any educated guesses, but we do get a feel for what Wright is cooking up. Namely, something funny.

Heck, the guy became a legend directing films like Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World — we should’ve known this one was going to stand out. But it sounds like they could be aiming for Marvel’s first straight-up action comedy.

What do you want to see from Wright’s Ant-Man flick?

(Via Cinema Blend)

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