1st casting news for Chris Carter's new supernatural Amazon series The After

We might still be jonesing for one more X-Files adventure, but creator Chris Carter is hard at work prepping a new supernatural series — and now we have some intriguing new info.

Dubbed The After, the new Amazon online series will be set at the moment of the apocalypse. It’s an intriguing premise, and sounds like a nice change of pace from the alien drama of The X-Files.

Deadline is reporting that Jamie Kennedy (yes, that Jamie Kennedy), Adrian Pasdar (Heroes) and Aldis Hodge (Leverage) are the first actors to sign on for the thriller, which will be written and directed by Carter.

Kennedy will play a professional clown (seriously), Pasdar will portray a Beverly Hills businessman, and Hodge will play an escaped convict who claims he is innocent. It’s hard to glean much from the characters' bios (except for spot-on casting when it comes to Kennedy), but it sounds like Carter might be telling some disparate stories about how the apocalypse affects people from different walks of life. Maybe.

No word on when the series might debut, though Amazon has a habit of releasing pilots before making full series orders — so we might get a look at this one sooner than we think.

Do you like the casting nods? Are you glad to see Carter heading back to TV (well, online TV)?

(Via Deadline)

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