Watch Harrison Ford + Benedict Cumberbatch slyly dodge Star Wars questions

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH, HARRISON FORD & the New Star Wars movie - The Graham Norton Show BBC AMERICA

The great Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch recently popped by BBC’s The Graham Norton Show and were asked mercilessly about Star Wars VII. So what’d they say?

Not much, sadly, but they didn’t say it in hilarious fashion. Ford is absolutely hilarious as he gives non-answer after non-answer, while Cumberbatch is completely tongue-tied when asked if he might have a role. These guys have mad question-dodging skills.

It adds a bit more fuel to the casting fire, and seems to confirm that Cumberbatch is at least in talks for a role. Ford is almost a done deal, you’d think, though it’s likely he could be holding out until he gets a look at the script to make sure it isn’t terrible. Can't argue with that.

What do you think? Will one (or both) of these guys show up in a galaxy far, far away? 

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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