Concept art, footage from aborted Snake Plissken TV series + game

The ass-kicking protagonist of Escape From New York, Snake Plissken, almost lived on in an anime series and videogame back in the early 2000s. 

Way back around 2003, an anime series set in the Escape-verse was rolling through development  — with both John Carpenter and Kurt Russell reportedly attached to help make it happen.

Sadly, the series never made it out of the development phase, though some concept art from the project has now surfaced via Ain’t It Cool News. It’s definitely a culture shock to see an anime-styled Snake, but it works. If nothing else, this could’ve been an awesome anomaly had it actually happened. Check out some concept art from the series in the gallery below.

Along with the anime series, a Playstation 2 game circa 2004 was also commissioned to let us all kick butt and take names in the U.S.’s lawless prison cities. It was never released, either, but some gameplay footage has leaked out. It’s admittedly a little rough, but we’ll never know how it could’ve wound up.

Check out the clip and let us know what you think:

(Via Ain’t it Cool News)

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