'Mirror, Mirror' + 3 more classic Trek eps get wild retro posters

With a new year comes fresh art by illustrator Juan Ortiz and his latest Trekkie lithos. For the sixth installment of his 80-piece Star Trek salute he channels old boxing showbills, revolutionary Russia and one humongous Honest Abe.

Already a quarter of the way through his monumental project to deliver original, retro-style one-sheet prints from every episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, Ortiz aims his mind's eye at four more TV show favorites: "Mirror, Mirror," "The Tholian Web," "Miri" and "The Savage Curtain."

For the first five sets, check out our posts for August, September, October, November and December. All 80 posters are offered as a limited-edition set of plate-printed lithographs on 100-pound, satin-finish paper. Each print measures 18x24 inches, and a group of four costs $34.95.

This new quartet will be available later this month and can be pre-purchased here, along with the artist's creation comments on each of January's chosen ones.

What do you think of these mini-masterpieces? Has your prized poster appeared yet?

(via StarTrek.com)

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