Watch Leonard Nimoy explain NASA's next mission to asteroid belt

From planning epic Mars missions to floating ideas for a space base, NASA is pretty busy these days. Luckily, they have Leonard Nimoy to explain the next big plan—a study of the asteroid belt that could hold the secrets to the genesis of the solar system.

The space agency is right in the middle of the Dawn mission, which sent a spacecraft to the asteroid belt to collect data that could shine a light on how the planets formed in the early days of the solar system.

The craft launched in 2007, but it took four years to finally arrive at the large Vesta asteroid, which it studied for more than a year between 2011-2012. Next up? The spacecraft—NASA's fastest, at 78,000 miles per hour—is headed to the dwarf planet Ceres (which accounts for approximately one-third of the asteroid belt) for more research.

The original Spock himself was kind enough to lend his voice to a new video explaining the project, which gives it that great Star Trek vibe. Plus, it's an excellent example of the cool work taking place in space exploration every day.

Check out the video below:

(Via OpenCulture)

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