Latest trailer for Da Vinci's Demons is awesomely steampunk

After Spartacus became a hit, Starz decided to try their hand at another fantasy-tinged period piece with Da Vinci's Demons—and the new trailer looks like it could be a sexy steampunk thrill ride.

Developed by David S. Goyer (the Dark Knight trilogy, Flashforward), the series will follow young inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci as he gets into all kinds of trouble in the 1400s.

Though it may look like a period action drama on the outside, Goyer told The Hollywood Reporter that his vision of Da Vinci also owes a debt to modern-day comic book movies like Batman Begins:

"We've embellished it with what I'm calling historical fantasy; he had an incredible life and we didn't have to embellish as much as you'd think. I didn't want to do Ye Olde Historical Drama; I wanted to do something historical, viewed through a modern prism... Da Vinci is kind of superhero-y, there are so many legends and tall tales about him. People have said aside from Christ he's the most recognizable figure in the world. My approach wasn't unsimilar to adapting Batman and Superman -- obviously we did a lot more research."
From the uneven Flashforward to the underappreciated Threshold and Freakylinks, Goyer has a long history with TV. After helping hatch Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, it looks like he wants to bring some of that cinematic flair to the small screen this time around.

Check out the latest trailer below:

The series premieres Friday, April 12. Do you plan on checking it out?

(Via Hollywood)

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