Stark's armor ain't doing him much good in new Iron Man 3 poster

Stark needs to get his act together. It's been said that Iron Man 3 will bring the character to his breaking point, mentally and physically, and Marvel Studios has released a new poster that showcases that state. 

Where's the Hulk when you need him? In Iron Man 3, Stark returns in a solo adventure, still shaken from the events of The Avengers. We recently got a sneak peek at the sequel's Super Bowl spot, where he's equally distraught. It looks like Stark is losing his touch.

In the movie, the hero will battle an international terrorist called the Mandarin, played by Sir Ben Kingsley. According to Robert Downey Jr., the villain's a real show-stopper. Judging from this poster, Iron Man needs a confidence boost ... and a parachute. 

Iron Man 3 opens in theaters May 3.

(via AICN)

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