Logan's lookin' sharp in two slick new images from The Wolverine

We've already seen Logan's more restrained hairdo for James Mangold's The Wolverine, and now it looks like he'll have a more stylish wardrobe, too.

A pair of new images from the fifth installment in the cinematic adventures of Wolverine are making the rounds today, both featuring everyone's favorite clawed mutant. Both are cool, but it's the first one that features Logan in a really sharp black suit.

He looks quite ready to mingle with Japan's elite, and that's probably not too far off from what he's actually doing. 

The second pic features a more dressed-down Logan, but it's still a good shot of work on the flick's set and features more of Hugh Jackman's trademark Logan glare.

The Wolverine is set to hit theaters in July, and while we're certain to see plenty of Logan running around shirtless and sweaty, it's nice to see that he still cleans up nice. 

(Empire via Comic Book Movie)

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