Holy $#%@! Original art for all 12 Watchmen covers up for auction

Word's been getting around that three of the original Watchmen covers will be going up for auction in February, but it's a LOT bigger than that.

Any comic collector worth their salt has a short list of original artwork they would kill to have.  Apropos of everything, Alan Moore's Watchmen is the comic that changed comics forever, and Dave Gibbons' covers possessed a kind of iconic artistry to match Moore's incredible writing.  Beginning in February and going through November, all 12 of those original covers are going up for auction at Heritage with NO RESERVE.

That's right.  ALL OF THEM.  That is bonkers.  If you're one of those poeple with riches beyond the dreams of avarice, you might think about picking up all of these bad boys.  For those of us who will have to stick to dreams, though, check out the gallery below and marvel at Gibbons' work.

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