You can now pay with a TARDIS, 'cause NZ's minting Doctor Who money

Geek cred might hold a lot of metaphorical currency in our lives, but for residents of New Zealand, it’s about to be worth some real bucks. 

In honor of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, the government has announced it will be producing a special-edition $2 coin sporting a sweet version of the TARDIS. A real coin, worth actual money.

The New Zealand Mint plans to press 10,000 of the commemorative little goodies, which will retail for 155 New Zealand dollars. Admittedly not the wisest investment at face value, and if you gave that much you definitely wouldn’t want to spend it, but how cool would it be to use a TARDIS to buy a burger for lunch?

To sweeten the deal, the commemorative coin also comes housed in a mini-TARDIS, which is actually pretty sharp.

Check out the whole package below:

Would you give $155 for a $2 TARDIS coin?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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