Want to watch the untold story of Nic Cage's failed Superman movie?

Some 15 years later, it's safe to say we'll never see the Tim Burton/Kevin Smith/Nic Cage flick Superman Lives.  But that doesn't mean we can't see its documentary.

The downfall of Superman Lives isn't that much of a surprise in hindsight.  With Burton directing, Smith writing and Cage starring, you're already starting with a diverse set of egos whose potential conflicts could escalate very quickly.  Add to that the weird concepts like Superman's rainbow suit, the fact that he wouldn't fly, and that Brainiac would have a giant, skull-shaped ship, and you've got a recipe for one strange brew.  If you were a network exective and this is what was being pitched to you for your most mainstream franchises and one of the most iconic characters in human history, you'd probably cancel the whole thing, wouldn't you?

And yet it's damned near impossible not to wonder, "What if?"  That is precisely the question that brought director Jon Schnepp to the realization that he had to bring the story of Superman Lives to the masses.  Armed with a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the information released on the failed film, Schnepp has taken it to Kickstarter in the hopes that he's not alone in wanting to know just what could have been.

Schnepp is already more than $10k into his goal of raising $98,000 for a documentary he's calling The Death of Superman Lives, and it's only been a day since he announced the project.  There's a reason people are rallying behind the project.  Schnepp comes with a strong pedigree, having worked on hilarious Adult Swim properties like Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Venture Brothers and his own darling, Metalocalypse.  Also, he's a man with a good plan.  He's going to contact everyone from the bottom up, including concept artists, producers and then the big three men at the top.  Let's face it, Cage and Smith have probably been waiting for this to happen, and just imagine the stories they could tell.

Coolest of all, though, is Schnepp's hope that he'll exceed his goal and make enough money to actually film scenes based on the script Smith wrote, the weirder the better.  Take a look at the pitch for yourself: 

We've got our fingers crossed that it gets funded and that everyone involved in the film agrees to appear.

(via Kickstarter)

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