Latest Iron Man 3 posters hint at more new super suits

Just how many Iron Man suits does Tony Stark need?  Much like Jello, looks like there's always room for more.

With a new Iron Man movie must come new gadgets, and there's no one in the Marvel universe who loves his toys quite like Tony Stark.  We've already had our first glimpse of Iron Man 3, but its trailer focused less on the suit and more on the man inside it.  Don't get us wrong, we love a little man vs. self narrative, but this is Iron Man we're talking about, and that's only half the equation.

Thanks to the early release of some posters for the film, we get to take a glimpse at some of the suits that'll turn up in the film sooner rather than later.  They're pretty neat, swap out the red for more of a gold motif, and include what appears to be a secondary War Machine suit as well.

Take a look.

(via Comic Book Movie)

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