Why the dreadful odds for a Dredd sequel just got a little better

As awesome as it was, the recent big screen reboot of Judge Dredd was a massive failure at the box office. But that doesn’t exactly mean the chances for a sequel are completely off the table.

The film brought in a paltry $13 million at the box office, falling well short of the approximately $50 million budget. Well, it looks like all those comic fans were just waiting for it to hit DVD and Blu-ray, which explains why no one apparently watched it in theaters.

Lionsgate announced that the film is the No. 1 home release of the (admittedly young) year, having sold 650,000 units. Even better? More than half of those sales were Blu-ray. Oh, plus the film also topped the charts in digital downloads for the week. Not too shabby for a flick that crashed and burned in glorious fashion at the box office.

We’ve already heard that $50 million was the magic box office number to put a sequel on the table, and Pete Travis’ flick missed that by a long shot. But a strong showing in the home release market could be just the thing to let the world get into the darker, grittier version of Mega-City One with Karl Urban & Co. Hey, better late than never.

Is it a long shot? Sure, but it wouldn’t be the first time a film gained popularity after hitting DVD. For example, Kick-Ass was a modest box office success, but didn’t really hit it big until it showed up on Netflix and at Blockbuster. Now, we’re just a few months away from Kick-Ass 2

So if you want a Dredd sequel someday, be sure to snag a copy on DVD. You might help the odds, and the flick is pretty awesome anyway.

(Via Badass Digest)

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