Adorable art project imagines The Hobbit as a kiddie picture book

J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit is a great young adult novel, and served as the perfect introduction for generations of would-be geeks to the deeper world of Lord of the Rings. But what if Tolkien had targeted toddlers, instead?

Artist Rosemary Travale set out to answer that question, and generated a few pages of The Hobbit, reimagined as an adorable Little Golden Book. Oddly enough, the story is actually well-suited for the format, and someone (we’re looking at you, Travale!) needs to finish this book up.

The easy-to-read Little Golden Book series has introduced kiddos to the written word for decades, and we’d love to have some geekier options out there to raise up the next generation of fantasy fans right.

(The Mary Sue via Drawn)

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