Want more Batman movies? You could be in for a LONG wait

Everybody loves Batman, but don't think that means Warner Bros. is in a rush to make a new movie.

Man of Steel might be looming, but most people are still talking about the Dark Knight.  Whether you loved Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy or hated it, most people are anxious to see what's next for Bats.  Everyone, that is, except Warner Bros, apparently.

According to popular fan-site, Batman-on-Film, DC is not looking to have Bruce Wayne appear again until that much talked about Justice League movie ... in 2015.  In fact, the word is that Batman won't have a film of his own again until 2017!

What gives?  Does Warner Bros. think the market is oversaturated with Bat-flicks?  Are they focusing on Batman animated stuff?  Is this an attempt to put Superman in the driver's seat for the next few years without having his brand diluted?

In any event, let's keep this firmly locked in rumor ville.  After all, if fans clamor for more Batman then, chances are, Batman they shall have.

(via MTV Splashpage)

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