Damon Lindelof teases his Disney project with a mysterious pic

True to form, Damon LIndelof's still not ready to reveal too much about his forthcoming sci-fi flick 1952, but this week on Twitter he did add to the mystery with an intriguing photo.

So far, we know that the film will be written by Lindelof, directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) and feature George Clooney in a starring role. We also know that it's got something to do with aliens visiting Earth for the first time, and that despite the title it's rumored to largely take place in the present day. Those are all intriguing ingredients, but just as intriguing is the project's apparent origin story.

A few months ago we heard that the film had its roots in a 2011 meeting between Lindelof and Disney exec Sean Bailey. During that meeting, Bailey apparently brought out a box dating back to the days of WED Enterprises, Walt Disney's personal development lab that later gave birth to Disney's "Imagineers." The box was originally labeled "That Darn Cat," but had been relabeled "1952." Inside were materials related to some long since abandoned Disney project (maybe a movie, maybe a ride) about aliens.

It's a cool story, and Lindelof just confirmed via Twitter that the mythical box does indeed exist:

If you look closely, you'll see that the box really was once labeled "That Darn Cat," and the bottom of the label still bears the inscription "Walt Disney Productions." 

So what mysteries does the box hold, and how will they translate to the film (which already has a 2014 release date)? Well, it's Damon Lindelof, so don't count on hearing too many details soon.

(Via Twitter)

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