Cast for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is nearly set—so who's in?

We told you last week that Joseph Gordon-Levitt had been cast in the Sin City sequel. He's already joining big names Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Clive Owen and Rosario Dawson, but now we've got three additional actors set to class up the joint even more.

While no official word is in on who these new actors will be playing, sources close to the production have named Juno Temple, Jeremy Piven and Ray Liotta as the next three actors to join A Dame to Kill For.

It's hard to guess who any of them will definitely play, given the already-big returning cast. Add to that the fact that there will be new characters who were not in the comic, and we're even more in the dark. Good chance we'll see Liotta as Damian Lord, husband to the character in the title. Juno Temple? Well, it's a Frank Miller piece, so ... she'll probably play a stripper or a prostitute of some sort. Piven is a total wild card, though. We'd guess, if anyone, he's most likely to join Gordon-Levitt in playing someone totally new.

Who do you think these new additions will be playing?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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