Millar teases Kick-Ass 3: Superheroes illegal, Hit-Girl goes mad

Mark Millar's real-world superhero tale Kick-Ass is a modern work of bloody, dirty art. It's a great comic, and made for an equally great film. With a sequel based on his second volume shooting now, Millar has offered up some teasers on what he's working up for part three of the comic run.

If you thought things were crazy before, we apparently haven't seen anything yet. Millar is apparently putting the finishing touches on the final volume of his Kick-Ass saga, and plans on introducing a time jump to find our beloved young heroes in a world heading into the crapper.

The third part of the comic picks up approximately two years after part two and will apparently find the U.S. under an anti-hero law, and it seems one hero will be spending some time in the psych ward.

The first Kick-Ass film wasn't a smash hit, but made enough cash to warrant a sequel. So if you'd like to see Millar's final chapter come to life on the big screen you better take some friends to check out Kick-Ass 2 once it opens June 28.

Here is Millar's tweet, which teases the even-crazier third volume:

What do you think of Millar's plan for the Kick-Ass 3 comics?

(Via Twitter)

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