Sick kids startled to find Spidey washing their hospital windows

A children's hospital is not exactly the most uplifting place, especially for the kids themselves. So what do you do when you feel powerless to help children in need of cheering up? Well, you might think about becoming a superhero for a day.

That's precisely what the workers from Clearwater's High Rise Window Cleaners did. It was their employees who surprised kids at the St. Petersburg All Children's Hospital recently by dressing up as Spider-Man as they went up and down the sides of the building washing windows.

Says clinical coordinator Holly Ott, "Today at All Children's we had a really exciting opportunity to meet any child's hero, Spider-Man, climbing up the sides of the building, surprising chidren and making their day."

It seems like a simple gesture, but the power that a costumed hero holds over the hearts and minds of young children can never be underestimated. Just imagine if you looked out the window and saw Spider-Man. Check out the below video and see how it all went down.

Sounds like it's a day those kids (and adults) won't soon forget.

(via The Tampa Bay Times)

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