Catch the 1st 4 minutes of the zombie comedy Warm Bodies

Zombies are cold-blooded killers. They're lifeless shells whose sole purpose is to eat us. But they're not all bad—are they? In February Jonathan Levine's Warm Bodies hits theaters, and it'll show the creatures in a new light. Can't wait until then? You can watch the first four minutes right here.

Warm Bodies stars Nicholas Hoult (X-Men First Class) as what's left of a young man. He's a zombie who spends most of his days shuffling around an airport. He can't remember his name, and assumes he was unemployed due to his hoodie. Hoult's narration takes us inside the Warm Bodies world.

Unlike his dead peers, he's conflicted about what he's become. He's lonely and lost, in more ways than one. But at least he has a best friend. By best friend he means someone he grunts and awkwardly stares at. Their daily conversations (if you can call them that) are interesting, to say the least.

Warning: Some zombie bits may be NSFW

Warm Bodies opens in theaters Feb. 1

(via Fandango)

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