Hilarious 3-1/2 min video reveals everything wrong with Avengers

We loved Marvel's The Avengers, and so did you—it was one of the biggest movies of 2012. But was it perfect? Nope. Nope, it wasn't (but it sure was EPIC, though). And now you can watch everything that was wrong with the hit summer movie in this hilarious video, which tallies everything, well, wrong with the film.

Hot on the heels of everything that was wrong with the Amazing Spider-Man movie in a two-minute video, the guys at CinemaSins have now turned their sights on The Avengers.

With the same straight but oh-so-freaking-hilarious approach, we're being shown what's wrong with director Joss Whedon's The Avengers (besides those godawful badly photoshopped movie posters we've been subjected to before the movie opened, but we digress).

Have a look!

Yep. Not perfect. But since The Avengers was a boatload of pure, unadulterated fun, we're more than ready to cut them a little slack.

So, do you guys agree with the CinemaSins team? Do you have more to add to their tally, or will you defend some of the problems they've raised?

(Via CinemaSins)

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