Tolkien fan makes his very own (and very accurate) Hobbit house

Sure, some Lord of the Rings first editions are one way to show you're a big J.R.R. Tolkien fan. But what does a real superfan do? Builds his very own, real-life hobbit house, that's what.

The creator, who has kept his identity a secret, wanted his very own Middle-earth hideaway to house all his Tolkien collectibles. So he got some property in the Pennsylvania countryside and built one.

The 600-square-foot hobbit house is modeled after Tolkien's descriptions, as well as Peter Jackson's big-screen interpretation of Hobbiton. It's built hobbit-sized, and virtually everything was made to order for the design. From the 54-inch-diameter Spanish cedar door (with a center doorknob and one hinge) to the Tolkienesque "butterfly window," the owner strived for complete authenticity.

Here's how the architect, Peter Archer, described the project:

"We wanted a single structure, a relaxing place that was diminutive in scale, for the owner to come and hang out and just be in solitude with his collection ... We weren't going to do a Hollywood interpretation. We wanted it to be timeless. It was built in 2004 but looking at it, you could think it was from 1904, or 1604.

This isn't something that you can recreate on a suburban cul-de-sac; it was made for this specific location and it wouldn't work anywhere else."

Check out some pics from the house below and click here for the full gallery.

What do you think? Coolest clubhouse ever?

(Via Huffington Post)

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