New hilarious video shows everything wrong with TDKR in 3 1/2 min

We just love the guys at CinemaSins with their awesomely cool (and hilarious) videos that show us everything wrong with some of the hit movies we've seen this past year, including The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers. Unsurprisingly, they've now set their lofty sights on The Dark Knight Rises.

So once again, in a video that's three and a half minutes long, you can now have a look at what they thought was wrong with director Christopher Nolan's final Batman opus and—once again—the guys point to some pretty important plot holes and glaring mistakes that riddled the hit summer film.

So without further ado, just have a look at another completely hilarious video!

So do you guys agree with this tally? Any more mistakes you'd like to add to this already chock-full list of blunders?

(via CinemaSins)

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