Watch the dwarves sing a rousing song of Smaug in new Hobbit clip

We've all hummed along to the haunting dirge heard in the first Hobbit trailer. Now lend an ear to the entire sequence in a stirring new clip just released by Warner Bros.

We're nearing zero hour for the official premiere of part one of Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy, and Middle-earth mania is mounting. And what better way to set an epic mood than a rousing chorus of the mournful song "Over the Misty Mountains Cold" from the book's memorable opening at Bag End?

The clip features Thorin and the entire company of dwarf baritones belting out the legendary ode to Dale and the thievery of Smaug while Bilbo and Gandalf absorb the gravity of the moment.

Fill your mug, toss another log on the fire and give a listen ...

(via Geek Tyrant)

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