Stan Lee + Marc Webb discuss Peter Parker's parents in new clip

The news has been coming fast and furious on Amazing Spider-Man 2, and now director Marc Webb has sat down with Marvel legend Stan Lee to talk about what's coming next for the franchise reboot. Plus, they dig into the mystery of Peter Parker's parents.

We now know Jamie Foxx will play big bad Electro, and the new version of the Spidey suit will see some tweaks, but the big mystery that continues to hang over the franchise is Peter Parker's mysterious, deceased parents.

Lee and Webb sat down for a chat as part of a promo for the sequel's Facebook page, and though it doesn't get too spoilery, it's fascinating to see the man who created Spider-Man and the guy in charge of reinventing it for a new generation hanging out and talking shop.

Check out the clip below:

Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in May 2014.

What do you think? Do you like the fact that Webb is playing up the Parker family mystery?

(Via Facebook)

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