Somebody just paid $10,000 for a copy of The Walking Dead #1

Some comics are worth a great deal of money to collectors—Amazing Fantasy #15, Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #1 and a select few others. What they all have in common is that they are very old, very rare and come from Marvel or DC. But it looks like the Walking Dead just changed all that.

Image Comics is no stranger to putting out a plethora of #1 issues in the hopes that someday they would pay some child's way through college. In the '90s, parents would come in and buy every #1 that came out, often in multiple copies if they came polybagged. They were, ultimately, all worthless.

But that doesn't mean that Image would never see its day. After all, for having spent an entire decade on mostly junk bond books, Image has taken a firm lead as the place where many of the comic industry's best creators go to put out their own properties.

The most popular of them all may well be The Walking Dead. With more than 100 issues under its belt and a very successful TV series, Robert Kirkman has set himself in stone as comics' answer to the great George Romero.

A CGC professionally graded copy of Walking Dead #1 that was described by its seller as "the holy grail of comics" has, only moments ago, been sold on Ebay for the tidy sum of $10,000.00.

Not too shabby for a little story about regular folks trying to survive the post-apocalyptic zombie horror, eh?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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