Hugh Jackman lets out the claws in 4 new Wolverine set pics

With work well under way on director James Mangold's Wolverine, set pics continue to leak out from the shoot. The latest show off star Hugh Jackman wielding his trademark claws, plus a contingent of ninjas preparing to strike. Yeah, that's right, ninjas.

The pics were taken at Sydney Olympic Park in Australia, and show Wolverine being chased by ninjas through a snowy setting, eventually arriving at a cabin. Though no video has surfaced from the shoot, it was apparently pretty action-packed.

The film is set in Japan and picks up after the events of the recent X-Men trilogy. It finds Logan mostly on his own (except for that rumored Jean Grey cameo). Everyone involved has been adamant that the film is nothing like the uneven Wolverine-centric prequel Origins, and Mangold has gone so far as to take a veiled shot at The Avengers when describing the film's dark tone.

Check out the pics below and let us know what you think:

(Via The Telegraph)

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