Check out two epic images from Pixar's new Legend Of Mor'Du short

Pixar wizards are packing the Brave video release with not one, but two animated shorts. With La Luna being the first, here's some cool shots from the bonus spinoff about a 15-foot, murderous black bear. Try not to feed him.

The Legend of Mor'Du is set to bunk up with the Brave Blu-ray and DVD release on Nov. 13. It's rendered in a more hand-painted, 2D artisan look gleaned from conceptual art and based on tales set forth in Brave. Mor'Du is the demon bear who was once a prince, before a failed attempt to grab power from his brothers transformed him into the terrifying, furry foe. He's introduced in the movie when he attacks Princess Merida, and his backstory is recounted by the character of Elinor in a pivotal scene. Here he'll take center stage in all his roaring rage.

In an interview with EW, Director Brian Larsen described the story as a cautionary tale that further explores the myth of the great bear.

"If you are selfish and not working in the right direction for the greater good you can destroy a huge part of your family—and yourself," he said. "A lot of tales and legends, like Grimm's fairy tales, were like that. If you do some things, there's a bad outcome, and not always a happy ending."


Larsen also was inspired by famed Disney artist Mary Blair in his approach to the material.

"Going back to Mary Blair, we don't get to flex those muscles all the time because we usually work in a 3-D animated world, so it just felt extra special that we could be in that painterly style," he said. "It gives it a texture—what you're seeing is somebody's imagination of this event, almost like a dream in some ways. It's not real. It's romanticized."


How do you like the film's lush, stylized look? Make you want to pick up the Brave video more?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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