See 1st creepy clip from sequel to Korea's surprise monster hit

Picking up hitchhikers is often a bad idea—but especially when they're fork-tongued and slimy. Here's the first footage to The Host 2, with screaming Korean kids quickly realizing mutant lizards don't make the best pets.

Back in 2006, Bong Joon-Ho's The Host was a refreshing throwback to the classic monster movies of the past. With decent FX and a fresh script, the Korean director had a rampaging hit, racking up nearly $90 million worldwide.

Its famous Han River dweller is back to terrorize the waterways of Seoul in the sequel, The Host 2, to be released sometime in 2013, and this time directed by Park Myeong-chan. Take a peek at the new footage and VFX breakdown frames from Korea's Macrograph Studios after the mayhem.

What do you think? Cool creature or goofy giant gecko?

(via Den Of Geek)

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