Looks like someone from Walking Dead is heading to the dark side

Last Sunday, The Walking Dead kept its promise. They're killing off people left and right. This week, we lost several characters in a short amount of time. And the fallout will have a lasting effect on the group.


"Killer Within" saw the survivors ambushed by zombies. Inmate Andrew, whom Rick had previously left to die, returned with a vengeance. He opened the prison gate, giving the walkers free rein. The group was separated, causing two, possibly three deaths.

T-Dog was bit, then served himself as a meal so Carol could live. And Lori gave birth via C-section, which Maggie performed with a hunting knife. As you know, both Lori and T-Dog died, while Carol's still MIA.

Actress Sarah Wayne Callies recently spoke about the effect Lori's death will have on Rick. "In the book, Rick goes nuts because she dies. I think the way he goes nuts is pretty cool, and I think we want to see that at some point," she says.

We got a sneak peek at Rick's unraveling in next week's promo. He's completely zoned out, yet overly aggressive. But what about the baby? Its mother is gone, and he's the implied father.

"Will Rick accept the child? Will this child have a chance?" Callies asks. "I think this is something that [Lori] settled into her own mind. I think she believes that Rick is a man who will not turn his back on a baby."

What do you think? Could the baby keep Rick from going insane?

(via EOnline)

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