Wish upon a Death Star: 21 hilarious Star Wars/Disney mash-ups

Be it in favor or against, everyone seems to be talking about Disney's decision to purchase Lucasfilm and start cranking out more Star Wars films. First there was snark, now come the Mickey/Star Wars mashup pics.

Considering Mickey Mouse's round head, and a certain star of the death variety that is pretty common in Star Wars, you can probably guess where some of these are going. There are even some pretty good Harry Potter and Disney princess jokes thrown in for good measure.

Are they a little predictable and sometimes crass? Sure. But it doesn't make them any less funny.

Plus, you have to admit—Jedi Mickey looks pretty badass.

Check out 22 of the funniest mash-ups below, and keep an eye on #DisneyStarWars for more as this story continues to roll on:

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