What if Looper had been made as a heartwarming '90s Disney movie?

It's only been in theaters for five days, but Rian Johnson's time-travel thriller Looper has already spawned a heap of critical acclaim and fan love. So, of course, it's time for parodies, like this one hilariously reshaping the film into a heartwarming past-self-meets-future-self Disney flick by using actual Disney footage of both of its stars.

This was sort of inevitable, because at some point someone was going to remember that Bruce Willis actually met his past self in a movie 12 years before Looper. In Disney's The Kid, Willis plays a workaholic whose 8-year-old self (played in this case by Spencer Breslin) suddenly appears and questions how he grew up to be so lame.

The guys at Screen Junkies took this information to heart and saw that there were laughs to be had if they combined Willis' Disney time-travel movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 1994 role in the Disney remake of Angels in the Outfield. The footage syncs up surprisingly well with the help of a little narration, and though they aren't trying to kill each other, Willis and Levitt are at odds with each other in a hilarious yet strangely heartwarming way. It's almost enough to make you wish Johnson would travel back in time to make this movie 18 years earlier.

(Screen Junkies via Huffington Post)

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