Rumor of the Day: That Justice League movie has found its Batman

Warner Bros. is still moving forward with the Justice League. In order for it to work, they need several key characters to appear, one of them being the Dark Knight himself, Batman. But as we all know, Christian Bale has hung up his cowl, so the studio's busy finding a replacement.

Years ago, when George Miller was developing The Justice League, he had a Batman in play. An unknown Armie Hammer (The Social Network, The Lone Ranger) was cast before the production was scrapped due to the writer's strike. But now that Warner Bros. is giving the film a new lease on life, Hammer may have another shot.

According to Moviehole, a source close to the film says Hammer is "back on WB's radar." The actor is once again being eyed for The Justice League. But here's the catch: They don't want him for a solo franchise. They're being told, "The Batman in this movie might only be used in Justice League movies."

Hammer would definitely be a different direction than Bale. But he has the build for the character and has already rehearsed the role. Could you imagine him and Man of Steel's Henry Cavill standing side by side?

What do you think?

(via Moviehole)

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