Retro Wreck-It Ralph trailer delivers vintage videogame nostalgia

Disney's latest CGI outing looks to be its coolest yet, tapping into our nostalgia for 1980s videogames. To make sure we connect Wreck-It Ralph with classics like Pac-Man of old, the studio has released a cool vintage ad and trailer that hits the classic-gaming sweet spot.

The film, which follows classic videogame baddie Wreck-It Ralph's (John C. Reilly) journey to become a good guy, is built around a Donkey Kong-esque arcade game from the 1980s.

The latest trailer looks like it was pulled straight out of the 8-bit era, and really makes us want to try out this fictional classic:

If that weren't enough, the studio has also put together a classic one-sheet ad promoting Fix It Felix Jr., where we can eat Power-Up Pies and collect Medals!


If the throwback look isn't your style, Disney has also released a clip of Ralph making his way through the videogame world, crashing a Candyland-inspired setting with a sassy young lady voiced by comedian Sarah Silverman:

What do you think of Wreck-It Ralph? Will you be checking this one out when it opens Nov. 2?

(Via The Playlist, Yahoo!)

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