Trekkie dating site will help you find the Vulcan of your dreams

Hoping to re-create the love connections that might take place on the Comic-Con floor, a new company is connecting star-crossed Star Trek fans with the power of the Internet. Guys and gals, don't give up—your very own T'Pol or Kirk is still out there!

Dubbed Trekkie Dating, the new site encourages fans to "Live Love and Prosper." Ha. Witty.

The tagline?

"A dating community that is light years ahead of others. Find like-minded friends, romance, & convention dates with other Trekkies TODAY!"
Anyone can create a profile for free and browse fellow Trek fans, though a subscription fee is required to set up dates and make contact.

Once you get past the gimmick of Starfleet uniforms and adorable Vulcan ears, the site works a lot like your average dating site. Just, you know, for Trekkies.

What do you think of the idea? Silly, or genius?

(Via Yahoo!)

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