Supernatural producer shares details of 3 odder-than-usual S8 eps

Despite the fact that it's a dark series often dealing with death and demons, The CW's Supernatural has always managed to keep things light with a few wacky episodes each season to brighten the mood. Now coming into season eight, producer Jeremy Carver says they have some of the zaniest ideas yet on tap.

The show has offered cliched medical dramas, gone uber-meta, and done its own version of Groundhog Day—and Carver says they plan to dig deeper into the pop-culture well this season.

Among other things, fans can look for a cartoon episode shot in live action but featuring "cartoon physics in the real world;" an episode that deals with Live-Action Role Playing (LARP-ing) and an entire episode framed in the static found-footage style made famous by Paranormal Activity.

As Carver teased to TV Line:

"What happens when you find yourself living in a cartoon universe?"... [and] "[The found footage episode is] pretty unlike any episode that the show has ever done before."
But just because they're planning a few wacky episodes doesn't mean this season won't bring the pain. Carver said they plan to incorporate some flashbacks this year to show what we've missed in the off season, contrasting Sam's happy times with Dean's hellish experience in purgatory:
"Supernatural, I don't think, spent a lot of time on relationship stories. It's a really nice mechanism to do that without imposing that on the forward momentum of these other stories that we're telling. We said, 'We are going to go there because there's a really, really strong character thing going on down there. And the look of it is super cool."
What do you think of how the show has developed the past few seasons? Are you looking forward to season eight?

(Via TV Line)

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