Original audition tape for E.T.'s Elliot will almost make YOU cry

Steven Spielberg's E.T. The Extra-terrestrial is one of the greatest family films ever made, and aside from the adorable alien, there's another reason it's an enduring classic—Henry Thomas, aka young protagonist Elliot. Turns out, this kid was made to play the part.

Thomas' original audition tape recently made its way on to the web, showing the young actor bringing the waterworks and rip our hearts out as he tries out a few lines from the script. Spoiler alert: He nails it.

It's pretty awesome, and leaves no question that Spielberg and company made the right hire when picking a kid that the world could most identify with.

Talk about being made for a role.

Check out the clip below and marvel at the magic that is a young Henry Thomas:

Sadly, after his breakout role in E.T., Thomas' career has kind of floundered into second-tier films and TV movies. But if there's any question of the guy's acting chops, he had the right stuff even as a young'un.

What do you think?

(Via Kottke)

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